One of the questions I’ve had several people ask relates to two fo the books, asking if they are, or if other books intend to be political.

Let me just copy-paste (And amend for a broad audience) part of this discussion from the comments page, as it sums it up pretty well.

Its difficult to escape politics now a days. Especially as an adult. That said we’re probably all sick of it to a degree. We certainly are.

We adults end up talking about this stuff all the time, and the intent here is to get topics that we talk about all the time, but in a form that we can share with our children too. Kids that are hearing these kinds of things daily with little to no understanding of the subject.

How to Steal an Election and How to Handle a Gun are both meant to give those who dig political discourse, something to have fun with reading to kids. How to Handle a Gun is more educational and oriented around firearm safety (though still written to be fun) while How to Steal an Election is cheeky humor that actually points out how both sides can be ‘silly’ more then anything. When writing it, we wanted to get to the end and have people even debate the political leanings of the person who wrote it. 🙂 You can’t judge this book by its cover, for sure!

In writing them I think they both do a good job of coming more to the middle. Humor and positive emotions have that effect on people!

That said, of the 13 books we have planned thus far (including 7 after the kickstarter), the two listed above are the only ones that anyone could see as Political.

I hope that helps! Little Platinum Books Mission Vision is to: Create fun books that will encourage reading for both kids and adults.

By writing writing books that adults genuinely are excited to read is a fantastic way to encourage more reading to children. And the world could always use more of that.