Project Description

How to Rob a Bank has the reader hanging out with a father and his child as they go on an adventure together. Its Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and we are following Father and Daughter as they rob the bank together. From planning at the warehouse, securing the hostages, to cracking the vault and attempting to out-smart the police… Will they get away and fly off into the sunset together? (Spoiler alert: Yes they will!)


Okay, here we go Son,
Get ready for some fun.
Bring your kid to work day with Daddy has just begun.

We’re gonna to stop by the warehouse for a little while,
Where we’ll meet the guys, form a plan, and access our stockpile.

Once the day is through
we’ll head out to the train station,
jump the state, get in the air,
and take a long vacation.

With your mom and your sis, we’ll cross the pond and chill swank.
But first we need to go over the plan of how to rob this here bank.