Here folks are some of the titles we have planned after these first six in the Kickstarter.

  • How to Operate Heavy Equipment (Cover Art Done, Book Storyboarded)
  • How to Cheat on your Taxes (Cover Art Done, partially Storyboarded)
  • How to Captain a Starship (I Can’t wait for this one!!!)
  • Mystery Title (Already Written and Illustrated, ready for print)
  • How to be a Mermaid
  • How to Catch a Fish
  • How to be a Pirate

I am also in the process of creating the Little Platinum Books website, and creating the foundation for a Content Submission platform to allow readers, authors, illustrators, and content creators to submit ideas for publication within the Little Platinum Books brand.

Please back us now to help establish Little Platinum Books, and help us create something truly wonderful, and help encourage reading to children.