Hey All, we’ve hit 25% thanks to our 42nd backer!

Our most popular pledge by far is the One of Everything, which gets folks one of each of the first six Little Platinum Books, an e-book of How to Rob a Bank, and 3 Little Platinum Bookmarks.

The only issue we have right now is I believe: Awareness.  This is a bad-ass project, with some crazy-innovative deliverables, but not many are aware of it.

Speaking of which, I am in the process of scheduling some #BrewAndBooks events right now… Inviting parents out to bars and Pubs to have a CUH-HOLD ONE and hang out with their kids as they hear some awesome stories.

So… (this is me begging) PLEASE Share this with your friends and family, radio stations, the news paper, blogs, reddit, EVERYWHERE!  We can do this together.  Thank you for your support!!!

-Little Platinum Books