Hey All,

Kickstarter made a mistake, though an understandable one.  My father and I share the same name as our father and grandfathers before us.  I am Pierre Arnold III and he is Pierre Arnold Jr.  They understandably locked us down when they thought, because of the first and last names, I had put a pledge into the kickstarter.  Upon pointing out the suffixes, they apologized for their mistake.

I think if Kickstarter actually had a policy that someone’s relatives couldn’t back them… everyone would be in trouble.

We appreciate Kickstarter’s dedication to security, trust and saefty though are bummed out that their mistake of mixing my name up at the last moment caused pledges to be suspended and the kickstarter to fail.

We will take them up on their offer to help us re-launch the campaign.  We will let you know as soon as its back up.  Their responses through email are a little slow coming, but they have offered their help in relaunching.  In doing so so that is a huge backing in it self by Kickstarter.

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep you updated when its back up.

Pierre Arnold III